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Friday, 6 April 2018

Just Save the Shoes!!

How are you going to make 2012 different? Have you ever thought about it? You have the power to make change happen, no matter how small, change your attitude, change your community, change your world.
I love this video, perfect for a new start, just remember there is always a lady( or man) somewhere that needs her shoes, Save the Shoes!!, Just Do It! No matter how small or trivial a task may seem, there is somebody in our path daily that needs a hand, a smile, a simple hello or acknowledgment that they are important.
No matter if you are fighting fires, running rescue calls, dispatching 911 calls, enforcing our laws or taking care of patients. No matter if you are just a mom or dad struggling with daily life. We are all human, we all make a difference, we all can.

As an ER Nurse, I am reminded each and every day of the reason that I do what I do. God always puts just that right patient in my path that needs something I can give back. Even if it is just saving the shoes........

Happy New year Make it a safe one!!

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