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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

[Disturbing] A Deadly Game played the last time

Warning: The video in this post may be very disturbing if you have ever lost a child! Especially if you have lost a child to "The Choking Game" 

Yes what you witnessed in the video was the accidental death of a boy who played "The Choking Game" for the last time, little did he know that would be his last time. He thought he would film a webcam video to prove to others how well he could do this "game" and survive it. This was not his first time, it was his last!

How can we as parents and adults continue to let this happen, the boy in the webcam  thinks that he can show just how easy it is to "choke" yourself, to get this "buzz or rush" of a feeling that these stupid kids think is ok. As you can see, this boy was alone so when he begins to pass out he can not control his body any longer and thus DIES!!! Dead right there while his own webcam records his death! How horrible!
We as parents tell our kids not to drink, do drugs or have sex, those things right now are the least of our worries! Kids as young as 9 yrs old are dying all over the world playing this stupid game.
Hundreds of videos on all the online and social media sites like Youtube show children how to do things that you won't believe.
Have you as a parent, educator, or health care worker ever been to the website Youtube  have you ever searched for topics like " how to play the choking game"? Try it, you will be shocked at what you will find!

Lets make a pledge to be better educated and save our children! Visit www.Ed4Ed4all.com and let us help

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