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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Take 10 habits to save half of your headache

Take 10 habits to save half of your headache

Often leuks are worried about half-headache or migraine and they keep ignoring it as a common disease, but experts say that half of the headache is a dangerous disease that can lead to many major diseases. But the World Health Organization has declared it a dangerous disease and disability for a lifetime. Experts say that half of the headache affects 4 percent of women, 6 percent of men and 10 percent of children, usually this disease transit inherently, but can be avoided by severe effects of 10 important steps.

Quick detection of disease

Experts say that most people do not assume that they have been suffering from this disease and they find at the time when this disease is severely attacked, therefore, it is necessary that whenever you do not feel hungry, Refer to

Knowing the symptoms

Usually, lack of stroke, dehydration and hormonal changes are obvious symptoms of half-headaches.

Take full sleep

People who do not sleep or sleep over the limit often suffer from half headache, and it is necessary that they try to fulfill sleep.

Keep with pan clerks

Experts say that patients suffering from half-heartedness should have to keep in mind that how long they have to be treated if they should be treated with such medication for immediate treatment, but the disease is too long. Please contact the quick physician.

Daily exercise

Such patients should exercise three or four days a day for a week, to help them overcome this disease.

Drink more water

Medical experts say that people suffering from migraine should drink at least two liters of water in a day and eat more coffee, tea and cool drinks.

Smoking Smoking

Doctors say that more cigarettes are associated with half a headache, so it is important that those people with this disease should avoid these things.

Acne Pancreatic Method Treatment

One of the best way to prevent headaches is a method of acne fever which has the best treatment of headache.

Chemically mixed foods and drinks

People suffering from migraine should avoid cheese, it further increases the pain. If you feel the stroke, please take a quick treatment. If you feel a steady treatment, work with long walk and yoga exercises, help in reducing the headache.
Apples are invaluable gifts of power, the big kids eat all of them very much. Apart from Pakistan, it is cultivated in China, India, and many other countries. Power has also given the apple and its peacock to the best. Below are some good things being described. Hopefully you will surely be able to know.

Treatment of all types of headaches

Peel a slice of apple knife and salt it with salt.
The use of three four days hurts pain.


Take the piece of apple and peel the knife and put it on the visible eye, it will be restless to tie the peel strip from above.

Throat vomiting

Take a fresh apple when the throat flies and scratch the tea with a clean spoon so that the inside of the inside comes out. Then eat from the same spoon as a gourd in the same way that they keep smiling with more flame glands.
Then swallow, so that the apple of the apple should be turned on.
Shifting will be found in two to three days.

Useful for all types of cough

Take a strong apple and squeeze the water with a coarse and clean potato.
Make a lot of Egyptian mix together.
Using a few days will be saved from the disease.


Taste the apple of water and mix some salt and feed the patient.
The vomiting will be closed at the same time.

Encyclopedia Hassan

For young boys and girls who want beauty, there is no more medication than this because its use of regular use brings headache.

For the Force

After applying apple seeds of gram flour to the desired amount, make it shrimp and squeeze it in a vessel and keep it on the soft, and keep it in the bottles. At the same time, eat 25-25 grams of apples in the apple, from 6 grams to 12 grams, make it dry for a short time in the morning. Eat later in the weekend. Over the years, the power will be restored throughout the lifetime, and it will continue to grow everyday.

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